Shades of Grey

These are just the beginning of a piece. Like a brainstorm, but more technical. I drew a couple of sketches of Paris’rooftops, to try to get an idea of what they would look like, and HOW I am meant to fit the Eiffel Tower in such a painting. I think I’ll just make it portrait-orientated. I really really really love sketching and I wish we could do more of it at school! But I guess what we’re working on is interesting too. I have been investigating Do-Ho Suh and Yinka Shonibare to get a sense of artwork that comes from ‘cross-cultural backgrounds’ (basically, mixing cultures up).

 Is it just me, or is the perspective REALLY weird in both sketches??

The completed piece will come next! I’ll explain it fully then. Just a ‘spoiler’, we’re working on the theme identity. Huh. Wonder what that’s gonna look like!

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4 Responses to Shades of Grey

  1. zaza says:

    I love the sketch of the top of the EIffel tower. The perspective gives you the impression that you are THERE looking up!

  2. Inna says:

    I love the sketches! almost as much as the resule ❤
    You need to give art lessons 😛

  3. Laure says:

    Quel coup de crayon. Si un jour tu as du temps , je passe commande!

  4. EC says:

    Okay, Maddy, I will comment.
    I looked at this website cause you sent it to me and I was like, cool artist, I had no idea it was your sister 😛
    And now a message for the actual artist:
    This is soo good!!!

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