Eiffel Tower Identity

This is the first piece I’ve done this year. I haven’t decided on a title yet, although I do like what my 6-yr old brother called it: ‘recyclable bits made a tower’. Sums it up very nicely. (:

The theme of this project was to research your own identity, what you believe yourself to be made up of. I really wanted to connect this to Paris, my hometown. At first, I thought of actually making an Eiffel Tower out of stuff that reminded me of my childhood there- Lego blocks, candy, fabric samples from our old couches, pretty much anything at all. But we had a time limit, and that would have taken forever. SO, I made it 2D instead. Acrylic Paint, sand, scrunched paper, buttons, newspaper, and scrim were the main materials I used.

I represented part of my own identity through the Parisian rooftops view, and made it connect with the theme: ‘what are you made up of’? I think I focused more on the result (namely, the fact that ‘you are made up of everything you come across in your life’), rather than WHAT you are made up of, or what my first idea would have represented nicely.

I especially like it against the grey background. Too bad the texture isn’t as visible here on the picture than in real life. It actually, like, sticks out, you know? the texture that I added gave more depth to  the painting, and created some shadows in other places. Unfortunately, you can’t see it on the picture.

Sooooooo… Like or dislike? And if you have any idea of how the HECK to get thick couch fabric samples stick on a regular canvas, please tell me!! I tried wood glue and holding it down for 10 minutes (yeah, I know) but the result was, let’s say unsatisfactory: my finger was completely covered in green fuzz, but the canvas was still bald as an egg.

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5 Responses to Eiffel Tower Identity

  1. Alain says:


    How long did you actually spend on this piece? It would be interesting to have a zoom of the Eiffel Tower itself!

    • Lix says:

      I think it took me about three days to complete the painting itself. but it took me a lot more than that to brainstorm and to set it up beforehand! it was a good thing i had all the materials ready when i started it tho, otherwise I would have spent extra time running around for them.

  2. madz says:

    I love this! If you really wanted to do something out of lego blocks though, you shouldn’t have let time constrain you. The product is beautiful though!

  3. Augustin says:


  4. Angele says:

    Trop beau!

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