Swimming Gold

This is one of those paintings that you make one day, and that you keep wherever you go. I made this as a kid, but somehow never lost it (very surprising!). The idea came from a child’s book I was reading, with illustrations made by a famous Japanese artist (can’t remember the name though). The painting itself travelled quite a lot, from my mom’s office to my old lower school, or simply used as a bookmark. That explains the wrinkles and creases, which I think have become sort of part of the painting: they give it a nice oldy feeling.

I made it with watercolors (I didn’t use that much water though, to keep the colors bright), which I thought worked well to give the fish a flowing movement. The paintbrushes I used were fairly thin.

I like the fact that it’s really simple, as in, I did not attempt to paint all of the scales or light reflections to leave its simple, dreamy quality put. I also like that I didn’t paint the water. It kind of looks like it’s floating around on its own. The face looks funny, though, a bit like a big clown’s grin.

The whole ambiance that comes from the fish is soothing in a way that reminds me of Miyazaki’s movies, although this atmosphere is more concentrated, whereas his movies are more overwhelming. Btw I am NOT trying to compare Miyazaki’s chef-d’oeuvres to a fish! Nope. It’s just that I like both (:

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2 Responses to Swimming Gold

  1. Angele says:

    Ahhh les ateliers chez catherine!! TRop de souvenirs dans ce poisson!

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