Red House

So this comes from pages in my workbook. We were studying landscape, and more precisely, Peter Doig’s work.  The task here was to reproduce a part of a painting we liked. I love the colours in this one! The one on the left is mine, and the one on the right is a part from Doig’s Red House oil painting.

I used gouache paints, after having made a pencil sketch. To be sure that we understood Peter Doig’s work, our teacher made us use the same technique, namely, layering: it’s a bit like separating the scenery as if it was a theatre décor. First the sky in the background, then the house, then the yellow-ish snow and the trees on that part, then the next layer of snow and finally the tree on top of it all.

This is the original piece. It is huge: 200 by 250 centimetres! Doig made it remembering his childhood in Canada.

Oh and we also had to make a sort of palette for the basic colors we used, although I kind of mixed them up on the page anyways. Here it is!

And a close up to finish off. tiny lines… 🙂

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4 Responses to Red House

  1. zaza says:

    I like the portion of the painting you chose to copy. Why did you choose this artist?

  2. Lix says:

    i didnt really choose the artist on my own. our teacher gave us a book from which we each chose the painting we liked the most, and she made photocopies. but i really do love his work. especially the colours!

  3. Alain says:

    While the colours are not exactly the same, your work does not look like a copy but a creation of your own. It has its own personality, maybe a little bit colder. Nice work!

  4. xoxocrazychick says:

    im about to start a blog too ! 🙂
    i love this bttw its so pwetty

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