2nd Major IB piece

This is the final work, that originated from the ‘tree brainstorming’ I posted a couple of weeks ago. As I said, the theme was landscape, with a twist. Our goal was to create a piece that would combine two aspects of landscape of our choice. We had to find our inspiration from the work of previous artists we had investigated, namely Peter Doig anf John Virtue. What I got from John Virtue was the black background, with the dark and cloudy buildings. What I got from Peter Doig was the bright colours used for the trees (blue, red, greens, yellows, pinks for the tree trunks), and the overall theme of the piece. Peter Doig has made a range of paintings in which vintagey, 70’s-looking building were ‘camouflaged’ in a forest that sometimes looked more like a jungle. I like how he was able to get two aspects of our landscape in one, juxtaposing modern, straight, almost boring buildings with the natural liveliness of nature. I used the same basic idea, except digging further in the contrast idea, making the buildings darker to connect them to ‘death’, and making the trees as bright and colourful as possible, to relate them to ‘life’. This is also why I chose to paint it four panels: one for each season, to show that buildings were ‘dead’ and would not change, while nature kept renewing itself and change according to this cycle. I used cardboard as a support, and acrylic paint to paint everything else. I started with the black background, then painted the trees on top.

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One Response to 2nd Major IB piece

  1. Alain says:

    Hi there,

    I like how you were able to create a new style by mixing the characteristics of two different artists. Beyond the “intellectual” dimension of this exercise, I really enjoyed the overall artistic effect.

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