Recently we have been working on engraving and printing in class. We started by investigating the range of possible patterns that can be made using a lino square, as shown below:

The next step was to use the printing press: we had to make sure the ink was well applied on the entirety of the square, so the print comes out nice and even. I tend to apply a bit too much ink, which sinks into the grooves and makes the lines blurry. But the printing ink is water soluble, so comes off lino squares and clothes really easily. The second part was to look at wood engraving, which I did not enjoy as much. We had to use the same tools as with lino. Wood is a lot harder, and cannot be cut into easily: the ‘fibers’ come off all at once if the engraving is done badly. I tried to engrave a snowflake, which obviously was a bad idea, because the point of wood engraving is to carve roughly in the same direction to get a smooth finish.

The third step was to try the multi-colored kind, which I thought looked the best. The plan was to use just one lino square, to carve out rough outlines, to print with one color, then to keep adding detail on the lino square. I found this workshop fun, but the best part was how easy it was: a simple piece of lino, carving tools and printing ink is all you need to create really nice engravings. The three-color print coming up next, once I finish the last layer!

EDIT!!! : I contributed to a school fundraising event by donating a couple of these prints! They will be auctioned on Saturday night! The first sales of my artwork! Look out Christie’s…

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3 Responses to Printing…

  1. Alain says:

    Nice! I would have liked to see the wood piece you used to print the snowflake. Did you pick the ink colour yourself?

  2. Mayumi says:

    They auctioned your art pieces!?
    I hope that went weeellll! I’m sure they all wanted your art;)

    I think the snowflake was really good- it must have taken a lot of effort to carve into wood.
    I loved how the while paint crusted a little to make it look vintage and it enhanced the snowflake, resembling a little bit like snow.

    • Lix says:

      Yeah actually both prints sold for about 45 Euros! and I think the money goes to Habitat for Humanity to help raise money for a trip to Romania 🙂

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