Intaglio Elephants

Part of the printing workshop was the intaglio process. It’s different from the regular lino printing because what you engrave or ‘carve out’ is what will be printed. I think I liked this technique better: it was more direct, closer to drawing (which is what I like best) than lino printing was.

Our teacher recommended using ‘organic’ themes and pictures, as she said the colors could look more ‘vintagey’. I chose to print elephants, as I had seen be done on a trip to India.

This time, the ink was really sticky and didn’t come off our hands until a couple of days later, with A LOT of scrubbing!

I didn’t know whether mixing different colours of ink together would create an in-between color, so I tried it with sepia and black:


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3 Responses to Intaglio Elephants

  1. madz says:

    This is absolutely stunning! Do you have any intention to commercialize your work? How big are the elephants?
    A big version of them could lose the intricacy of details, but I’d hang them up in my living room (if ma mama’s OK with that)
    Keep on posting!

  2. Cookies says:

    Comme tu as pu le voir sur mon dernier article, effectivement, j’étais à Amsterdam ! C’est quand même un truc de dingue, même là-bas, il y a des gens pour reconnaitre ma frimousse. Ca va me rendre un jour vraiment parano AHAH. Surtout qu’une autre personne en plus de toi a dit m’avoir vu OUF. En tout cas, je suis loin d’être une VIP, t’aurais dû me faire un petit coucou 😀

    Les éléphants ❤

  3. shannon says:

    ALIX! I love these elephants 😀 amazing!

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