Fox Life

This is the 3rd major project I have been working on in class. The general theme that I chose was ‘faces’, and more particularly, what meanings or emotions a face can hide. In this case, smaller foxes were drawn into a fox’s face. I wanted to represent how a face can symbolize a group, a generation, a way of life, the influences of a certain time or place, specifically, here, being in a pack.

I used the intaglio printing technique, as with the elephants in the last post. I carved the drawing into a zinc plate though, because the copper plate hadn’t been strong enough to withstand more than 5 or 6 rolls under the press with the elephants- this made engraving a bit harder though.

I think I might get this print framed 🙂

Can you see the face?

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2 Responses to Fox Life

  1. theoneandonly says:

    i like this…
    i’d like to see the zinc plate too if thats possible. do you think you could put it up next post? thankies 🙂

    • Lix says:

      sure ill put it up 🙂 but zinc is sort of hard to scan because the light reflects all over the place. ill try though!

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