Fur Coats and Garbage

I made this piece this summer, while I was taking classes at Yale. The assignment was to use charcoal and erasers, and make a composition’s light reflections and shadows stand out. Our teacher, Anna Betbeze, set up a still-life in the center of the room: a couple of garbage bags, some bubble wrap and an old fur coat. This choice of material was probably prompted by her eclectic tastes: she works with fur and acid herself. I decided to blacken the entire page with vine charcoal- the lighter kind-, and then draw with the eraser. I tried to get the majors highlights with the eraser, but I hadn’t planned that the charcoal would spread so much. The last step was to darken the darkest shadows with the compressed charcoal. This one didn’t spread as much, so I used it a lot, hoping to compensate for the blurriness the vine had created. I was satisfied with the final result, and liked how the white fur stood out, and looked dirty, which it was anyways. I enjoyed drawing something unusual, and that we don’t usually pay much attention to. This composition especially emphasized the contrast between the in-the-spotlight set up and the randomness of the subject.

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One Response to Fur Coats and Garbage

  1. Madeleine says:

    Comme quoi, le potentiel est dans l’imprevisible.

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