International Cubism

I made this piece last year. We were studying cubism and its presence in society throughout the years, starting with Picasso’s Guernica. Our theme was fairly free, as we were to choose an issue in society that we wanted to illustrate. I had gone to India a couple of weeks earlier, and chose to make a piece portraying child labor in India. I used pictures of the Taj Mahal and other cultural ‘hints’, such as fabrics and warm colors to show the Indian context, and I used an image of a child carrying a heavy bag in the foreground. The main cubist component was the grayish hand at the top of the painting- I thought that was the hardest part: similarly to Picasso’s interpretation of cubism, I ‘deconstructed’ the volumes of the hand, and reconstructed them using squares and basic prisms. I liked the end result, and many people told me the hand looked like a robot’s hand. This piece took about two weeks to complete in class, in addition to a week of preparation beforehand to make sure the ‘cubes’ in the design were fully set up on paper before we started painting. I used acrylic, which was good for the colour blocs, but didn’t blend as well as gouache would have.

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One Response to International Cubism

  1. zaza says:

    There’s a tremendous amount of fluidity and movement in this painting, which is striking for a cubist-style work.

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