This is the latest piece that I have done for my IB diploma art class. I kept to my theme of trees and landscape, and used a new technique that I have been experimenting with recently: it consists of thickly applying layers of paint (itself previously mixed with a thickener) on the canvas, and then dry-brushing with an old paintbrush on the bumps and crevices to highlight the texture created by the dry paint. I painted the background blue afterwards, with no texture, so that the trees stood out. I made the upper part lighter and the lower part darker because it lends more depth to the painting. My goal for this piece was to create a sort of landscape, without having to draw too many elements. I focused on the texture, rather than on the shape of the trees: indeed, I didn’t include the roots and most of the branches of the trees.

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One Response to Blue

  1. Alain says:

    I really like this piece. It is interesting to see that, while you are using various techniques, there is definetely a “style” in your creation. I am looking forward to seeing your next piece…on the same topic?

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