Exam coming up soon :)

I have an exam next week to conclude my two years of IB Art. I’ll have to explain what my work consisted of, what my main themes were, and which artists inspired me the most. So far I’ve put everything together to prepare to be hung, and took a super quick picture:

This is my first retrospective šŸ™‚ – and a new piece is coming up soon! -intaglio+watercolour+theme of mechanical vs. natural.

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4 Responses to Exam coming up soon :)

  1. Alain says:

    Good luck for your exam!

  2. zaza says:

    good luck for your exam! i’m sure you’ll do great, you’ve done some amazing work the past two years

  3. Typhaine says:

    Your work is amazing!
    Hope your fine šŸ™‚

  4. Mayumi says:

    Looks really good!
    Bet you did well on the exam:)
    You should make a Tumblr account, if you haven’t already- and post art pieces on that!

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