About Spillicks…


Hopefully inspirational to the amateur artist, Spillicks was created to let people share their ideas, observe stuff on my and other’s artwork, scroll through to dig up ideas and advice, or just waste time (I’m familiar with that last part!).

I am really interested in art (any type, really) and am considering studying it later on. So far, I’ve only done a couple of pieces, but I hope to make a lot more in the coming two years! Most of the works here come from the IB course I am currently following.  

If you have anything you’d like to share, go right ahead and put it up. I’ll be glad to give my opinion or any advice you’ll need.

— Please note that the point of this blog is to help each other, so easy on the put-downs! Other than that, hope you’ll enjoy!



Btw, I did not come up with the word ‘spillicks’! All credit goes to my six-year old brother, who, I think, meant to say spiral… I like ‘spillicks’ better though (:


5 Responses to About Spillicks…

  1. Alain says:

    I am not an artist but I really like what you do. You may want to keep your smooth & flaky character alive. I can imagine he could be the central character in a comic strip. Do you do comic strips?


  2. Mayumi says:

    LIXIEEEE well done;)
    i love your site.
    i think we need to catch up majorly
    because i also need to share some of my pieces!
    i can’t wait for more archives.

  3. madz says:

    “Spillicks” is such an interesting word. I want to meet your brother.

  4. madz says:

    And yes, your blog is one of the best I’ve come accross in a long time. You should publicize it more. Like “Mayumi” said: GAHH. IT’S SERIOUSLY AMAZING.

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